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How do I find an experienced doctor for Sculptra?

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Hey friends,
I was wondering how to go about finding a doctor experienced and successful in using Sculptra, and the closer To the middle of the United States the better. I am in Omaha NE, not exactly a hotbed for advanced treatment options, and I tried a plastic surgeon here about a year and a half ago that did a decent job for a first treatment. It was smooth and removed some of the sunken look. It has been fairly long lasting. But I didn't go any farther because I was his first lipo patient and I was his first time working with Sculptra. I have read about a place called Apex South Beach that sounds okay, but I don't want to travel so far due to the combined cost of the treatments, air travel, taxis, the hassle of dragging all of my meds through the airport, etc. Has anyone had a good experience with a doctor close to the middle of the country or can anyone suggest how to find one with extensive experience in Denver, Minneapolis, KC, Chicago, etc? 


Try using the Sculptra physicians locator on the Dermik website:

Hi Dean,

I'm sure someone here can provide you with a reference for a doctor in the Midwest.  If not, though, I can ask my doctor here in San Francisco.  He's already provided me with a reference for a friend of mine in New York, and since he actually trains physicians in the use of Sculptra, he may know someone.

Best of luck.


This Manhattan NYC doctor has this page on his website

Hope it helps  ??? ......


Even though you were your doctor's first Sculptra patient, it sounds like he did a good job. Generally, just one treatment isn't enough to fully correct even a moderate case of lipoatrophy. When I had my first Sculptra treatment (in San Francisco), the doctor told me that I probably wouldn't notice much of a difference until after the second treatment. If you noticed an improvement after your first treatment, I think that's pretty good. If your doctor is a plastic surgeon, he's likely had much experience with many different types of fillers. If I were you, I'd stick with that doctor.



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