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SCARED! I'll have to travel to the US with my meds... Need some advice...


Yes, just as you read. My manager wants me to make a biz trip to the US, 2 weeks of business meetings.... What am I going to do? I am simply terrified of the fact that US Customs take a look to my bags, and they find out I am HIV+ and they get me out of the US, because of the ban....

Jesus...More stress

Any advice from you guys?


Hello Alex, it is Eldon.

I can certainly understand your dilemma as there are HIV travel restrictions to the United States and other countries. Take a moment to visit this website it may be helpful for your situation that you are facing:

Also, To be on the safe side, he says, travelers-to-be should consult with an immigration practitioner who is familiar with HIV travel restrictions to the United States. For individual consultation, contact the GMHC Legal Services Department at 212-367-1040 or the AIDS Law Project at 215-587-9377.

Questions can also be sent to The UK's NAM offers more information about entering the U.S. with medication; see "Traveling with Medication,"


Alex, I hope everything works out for you. You may want to send your meds in advance or try to get a prescription filled here, it is a little expensive.

Make the BEST of each Day!

Put them in your checked baggage, in one of those weekday pill containers.
   ....Oh, and pray your luggage doesn't get lost.


If in fact you are Scared, then why do it??

Your exposure could ruin your life at home if you just happen to arrive at an airport where someone is paying attention and listens to the conversation of the Self Rightous Customs Official that returns you to the flight you just got off of and returns you to Columbia. 

Either you are scared to go on this trip and you stay home, or you say to hell with it and come and see what happens when they examine your bags and find HIV medications in your luggage.  I don't see what the problem is.  You are one person, you know what the current political climate is in the United States, you are intelligent, so please give me a clue as to why you ask for opinions as to what you should do?

I remain curious.

I think it's a fair question. I plan to travel to the US to visit family around Christmas time. I'm planning to take only the meds I need for the trip with me and they will likely be in my checked bags, rather than on my person or carry-on. I will also likely have a prescription at the ready should they become lost in transit. I also plan to let the powers that be in my country know my plans and my expected whereabouts should I also become lost in transit. I'm not one to easily abdicate control or responsibility ;)


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