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Enuresis (Bedwetting)


A previous poster mentioned this issue a while back but there wasn't much resolution so I wanted to repost since I have been having occasional issues myself.

I'm also on Atripla as was the previous poster, though I'd been on it for at least three years without a problem. It is an intermittent occurrence (months go by), but at my age (47) it's more than a bit disconcerting as well as embarrassing. I even blew up at my husband over it. and coming from a former participant in W/S that says something.  ::)

We've checked for diabetes and nothing. I was referred to a urologist and tests indicated that I don't completely void for some reason. Further tests were suggested, including one in which a scope is inserted through the urethra and I don't relish that thought AT ALL.

Research on another site has alluded to Efavirenz (Sustiva), which is a part of Atripla, as a possible cause.

I'm wondering how widespread this issue is, and if others who've also experienced it have found a way to control it without changing their meds. I prefer to avoid the inebriative affect of Atripla by taking it prior to bed with a glass of water as required.

Any suggestions?

Just a follow up.

Since posting the previous post on this thread, I've relocated to Los Angeles. My new doctor felt that the issue was, if not caused by, exacerbated by the Atripla. As it was explained to me, Atripla causes definite sleep behavior changes in which you're not really awake and yet you're not really asleep the way you were before Atripla. Basically, my body thought I was awake enough that I would get up and go to the bathroom as normal. The reality was that I was still asleep.

I was switched to Stribild and so far I am tolerating it better than any medication I've taken for HIV. I'll post again at a later time as to the bedwetting long term, but so far, so good! :)


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