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Have a few questions that need clearing up.

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Hello.  I was directed to this website by my boyfriend who had posted awhile back about HIV infection worries.  After looking through the information it looks like his name was nh2006.  He was concerned about receiving oral.

Well he is still a mess.  He recently told me what happened and I'm trying to be supportive but I don't know all that much about HIV.  From what I read, it seems that he was at no risk and therefore neither am I but he has been so upset about this which has raised my concerns.

He had a rapid HIV/p24 test 2 days short of 6 weeks which was negative but he's still concerned.  Should I be concerned now as well?  I'm pregnant and getting worried myself and he's been pretty despondent and on anti-anxiety meds.  I understand you banned his account he was so bad.

Any information would really help as now I'm getting concerned.  We've have unprotected sex.  Should I consider getting tested for HIV myself.  Thanks for any input you could provide.

Do a search on nh2006. The information he was given there is not going to change. His problem is having sex with another guy. Now if he wants to be obsessed by it there is nothing we can do.  He didn't have a risk and he at no time put you at risk.

Thanks for the response.  I did read through his post and also did a bit of web searching myself.  I can see why he could have gotten upset because some sites say it is a risk with blood involved, etc.  My biggest concern is my child at this point so I just don't want to take any chances you know?

What part of the replies that we gave nh2006 is it, that you don't understand?

I do understand I guess.  Sorry for being confusing.  I just don't understand the whole theoretical thing that is posted on some sites like the CDC and such.  I've never looked up stuff like this ever so I guess it's all a bit confucsing to me.  Sorry again.


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