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When i was still a HIV- man...

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A question which came up to my mind...

When i was HIV-, would i have accepted a HIV+ bf?

i think i have some sort of an answer, but yeah before speaking it loud, wanted to get some feedback from u guys.
and why is this somehow important to me?
than i would understand the other parties' thoughts and reactions better... and sympathise if the person doesn't want a relationship.


Dear O

If you are talking about a one night stand, then i would still not trust if a person was negative... i would try and use safe sex..

If you want a real RELATIONSHIP then your partner must accept who you are!!! They must take steps to protect themselves from the virus... but they are not afraid to love you and to be loved by you!

but to answer your question.... i think i would have accepted an HIV+ BF...


I did have a BF with AIDS. One of the greatest guys there is. Eventhough we aren't together, we've remained good friends.

Andy Velez:
O, what kinds of experiences have you had so far about this?

I dated two guys that were HIV+ when I was still HIV-.  I do not believe that I was infected by either of those.  I believe I was infected by a one night stand when passion overshadowed wisdom.  One of the guys was a real sweetheart but I do remember the HIV issue always being in the front of my mind.  I will say that knowing he was HIV+ made us both always aware of safer sex.  It ended because of issues other than the HIV.  Saver sex was not necessarily always the case in my history with those I didn't know for sure or those that told me they were neg.  The second guy was just plain scary and that only went for one date.  I always tried to be open minded about it and so I'm hoping that I'll find individuals who take the same attitude.  I believe that if you know someone as a person and you are attracted to them as a person, then the HIV status can become much less of an issue.


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