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Sorry about the hiv thing..  Its a bummer.. But you know.. There are alot of other things alot worse.  Count your blessings.  Your numbers are in good shape so you wont have to jump right into anything for quite awhile.  You can work on the acceptance portion of this little protien problem and get comfortable with that first.   Work with your ID Doc and let them help you through these Q & A times.   

You are in the absolute best position you can be for on-line support.   Keep posting, keep telling us how you feel.  And be sure to actually feel.  Don't blind yourself for to long with booze.   I would imagine your doc will tell you to "smoke it up" for now.  Dont try and fix all those habits today or even in the next year......


Matty the Damned:

Welcome! I'm sorry to hear that you've graduated to the poz only forums. What a bastard. The only things I can think to say to you at the moment are:

1. You are not alone;


2. This will be ok.



Hello Chm02, it is Eldon.

I hope you have recovered from your hangover. It is unfortunate that you have tested positive. However, it is a good thing that you DO know now so that you can take action with your health. Please DO listen to your Doctor's advice. If you are not sure or comfortable with it, by all means please DO seek other professional opinions. In the interim, you DO want to get on some sort of multi-vitamin regimen, change your eating diet, continue with your exercise, drink plenty of fluids, build you a strong support system, and more importantly get your proper rest.

I wish to extend to you a warm WELCOME to the forums. As you have read, you will find understanding, communication, support, some cries, some laughter, and many of your questions answered relating to HIV/AIDS. Here there is a lot of information for you at your disposal. We have a great group of individuals here who will listen and answer you. Due to the news you have discovered, I'm quite sure that there is a lot on your mind. Please DO feel free to come and vent here from time-to-time.

Again Welcome! and make the BEST of each Day!

Hi CHM, welcome. Sorry about the test results. I tested positive last December, but didn't find this place until a couple of months ago. I'm glad you found it sooner. Read alot of what goes on in here. You'll read good and bad, but you'll see that life does go on. Your #s' are good. Most important is to find a doc you're comfortable with. Decide carefully who to tell, if you feel the need to tell anyone at all right now. I wish you the best with everything, take things slow.


hi guys,
I appreciate the welcomes and kind words of support.  I want to share what's happened recently:
Last Friday I met a guy that i had been chatting with online. We had a great time together, and did the wild thing very enthusiastically Friday night. Then, Saturday (only yesterday?!) I got the call from the doctor.
I saw my friend again tonight, and I had to tell him what was up. It was difficult, but I knew I had to.
We walked and talked after dinner for a long time.
The upshot: Our friendship will survive. I really like this guy.  :)


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