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Not the same after 3 years diagnosed

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--- Quote from: Rockin on August 24, 2012, 11:56:05 AM ---Its pretty amazing how HAART is generally demonized by people who are not taking them.

I don't blame you Daddysgirl, I think there is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about it.

--- End quote ---

Yes.  And, we have to consider what she may have seen with her dad.  I'm sure he was taking the early meds and she probably saw that it did take a toll on her dad.  I think she was just trying to sympathize.   

I didn't realize that I was bouncing in and out of different forms of depression since my diagnosis in 2003.  I felt all of the same things you are talking about. 

After my wife died, a doctor put me on prozac.  I have always had a thing about anti-depressants (and therapy in general) and never tried it.  Since I have been on prozac my life has changed. 

I get sad sometimes, but I never slip too far down.   I can't believe I left myself suffer for seven years before I did anything about it.  Better late than never. 

Address the depression and then take it from there.  Maybe therapy, maybe medication...a new romance is not going to do anything for the long term.  In fact, it might create larger problems if you don't address the depression first.   

I'm sorry you're dealing with what you're dealing.  The way I found out I as positive is when my wife went in for fertility treatment about a year after we were married.  Her HIV test came back positive.  They retested and again, POSITIVE.  Then they tested me.  I was diagnosed on Aug 28, 2003.  I'll never forget it.  I was going to Pagent of the Masters that night in Laguna Beach with my wife of 1.5 years...and I was in a cloud.  I couldn't focus on the event...I was aloof. 

I went into a depression.  I kept thinking that Christmas 2003 was my 'last Christmas'...I was very sad.  I decided the best thing, was, however, to focus on my physical health.  I'd been an a misprescribed medicatin of Paxil for awhile...due to anxiety.  A quick dose of prozac was all I needed.  Suffice to say, Paxil packed on the weight.  I gained nearly 80 lbs.

I focused on my physical health.  I lost the weight and looked great.  Wife was impressed and so was family. 

I'm in a job right now that has robbed me of physical wellness...or the capacity in which to be able to attain it, for what it's worth.  I work a sporadic schedule...and I am a student.  We've since had two children...both of which are NEGATIVE...thank God. 

I'm in a stressful work situation...beyond any stressful work situation I've ever known.  I've battled Hodgkins Lymphoma and a near death experience due in part to pneumonia since my diagnosis...all of which I was victorious...but my work is horrible....I should be getting in the shower now, to leave to work, but I feel inclined to reply to you.

I'm an Orange County Native.  I'm close by.  I'm here. 


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