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zzzzzz  OP what country do you live in?  Taking HAART?

Arizona and California My meds are listed on bottom of page.  And yes I am a aids guy on disability that got excited by feeling better at Christmas

About the blends My Friend had acid reflux so bad His hemaglobin wasdown to 5 around Christmas.He started using one drop of Digestzen three times a day and using pasttense on His neck for head aches.  He is like a new guy.  He even can rub a drop on His belly when it is unconfortable and it helps..

Alright.  We get it.  Down this with a few sips of Noni Juice and we'll all be right as rain.


I just wanted You All to know that  i am on a permant diability Va pension. For every dollor i made they would take away a dollar. I have not reason to make anything from it. So from time from time i will post wonderful results i am seeing in people. You can laugh or ask me to send You a sample.hugs Bobby


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