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Hey Mikie good for You to quit smoking.  I do love the diet coke.  Am always grabbing one.  I do try to drink alot if water.  Happy New Year to You and Your Mom.  What is Your resolution for 2013?  Take

Hugs Bobby

Got my new labs.  Will post after the doctors.  Cannot believe how they have changed for the better.

Hugs Bobby

Waiting to see Doctor  today.   Will post new tests tomarrow.  The most exciting thing is that my blood pressure is down at 120/60 and I halfed the meds.  Another thing is that my cholesterol and tris are are'way down even tho I eat 40 eggs a week. Tcell and percentage has gone up. Yippee.  I am in a oldperson study at the va so here early. Hope You all are doing well.

Hugs Bobby


--- Quote from: RWR on February 05, 2013, 08:30:37 AM ---Tcell and percentage has gone up. Yippee.

--- End quote ---
Good news! Now where are those numbers to prove it?? LOL

I was recently at the doctor and got good news too. My tcells were up by 100! At 430 that's the highest I've ever had in 20+ yrs of testing. WooHoo!

Went to doctor

Cd4#- 453 yippee
Cd4% -18
Cd4/cd8 -0.3
Hdl-38 low but went up from 35 doctor said to exercise more or cut out my 40 eggs a week.

Blood pressure 120/60 cut my dose  of meds in half a few months ago


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