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Is it common for acne to worsen when one has HIV? I know that logically it would make sense for one's acne to worsen since it is an infection of sorts. Just wondering what the sages of the community have to say on this point.

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While HIV infection does seem to increase the presence and degree of skin disorders in those afflicted, Acne does not appear to be one of them.

Read this:

(who is not a sage)

(who is not a sage)

just an intelligent hottie!

Oh bring it on! >:( I remember when acne was my biggest problem in life.I thought it couldnt get any worse than this.Zits on my back,chest face and neck,not all at once of course.And some were large and would ooze puss! :-[I know gross,people reminded me it was.  I was on antibiotics,sulpher creams and retinA gel(which worked great btw).i would go to my dermatologist at least once a month and he would inject the worst cysts with kenolog(a steroid),which would make the acne go away overnight.This was expensive ansd a bother so in 83 I started  a new drug called accutane.I doubled the dose on my own in desperation for the acne to go away.About 6 months later the doc told me my liver was being damaged and I had to stop.About a year later my hair turned curly and then fell out.So i was bald by 25 but my acne improved. ;D   About 8 years later I contracted herpes and a whole new set of skin problems started.i thought I was cursed with bad skin,at least the herpes sores were in a different area. :'( Now with hiv Im ready for some kind of rash to appear out of nowhere,but Ill be ready for it when it comes.And Ill just live my life knowing that my skin will always be my downfall.Im almost 50 and i still get acne,just not as often.  stil try to help my skin by drinking lots of water.Has anyone have dermabrasion done for their acne?I sometimes think of it,but at my age why bother.


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(who is not a sage)

just an intelligent hottie!

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