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looking to start an ACTUP/OUTrage Group in the Palm Springs, CA area


Spawn Of Sodom:
I have lived with HIV, now AIDS, for more than twenty-one years. My health is good with Cd4 cells at 980 and a viral load under 80. I want to continue being healthy but fear that the stress of being homeless with begin to impact my well-being. I am receiving no help from the Desert AIDS Project. I am forbidden, per my case manager's orders, to speak to anyone but her. This makes accessing services more difficult. I can't even get an accurate answer as to when the Ryan White Planning Council meets to bring my concerns to their attention. There is no point in filing a complain because I am not allowed to speak to anyone but my case manager.I am in a lose/lose situation. But believe there is power in numbers. Media representatives are more likely to cover a demonstration/picket if there is more than one person involved. If you or anyone you know has had difficulties receiving services from DAP join me in starting an ACTUP/OUTrage chapter and bring attention to the source of the problem. please leave a message and we'll take it from there.


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