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Can you FEEL it starting? (besides seeing it?)

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OK, somewhat strange question for those with lipo. .... When it was in the early stages for you, could you also "feel" it? e.g. tigher muscles/tissues/tendons? 

Nope ...It sort of sneaks up on particular feelings except a greater sensitivity in certain areas of your skin where you find that little" bumps" ( when you bump into something )  seem to hurt more than they should, and increased sensitivity to heat/cold...all of which happens very gradually .......then you start to notice how many creases /hollow spots there are when you shave...then comes the realization that Abraham Lincoln is staring you in the face one morning......OW..when did that happen ????
Fo the most part the pain is psychological ...people ask if you are sick???  they give you funny looks or avoid looking at you and now you know there is a problem that needs to be dealt with...of course you could take some action before you get to cat 5 ..several people have done that with various methods...

When lipo becomes more advanced it becomes uncomfortable to sit on hard surfaces for long periods of time because you have no fat cushion. I think I'm more sensitive to cold because I don't have the fat insulation that other people do. And don't even think about trying to float on your back in a swimming pool! :D

tighter muscles/tissues/tendons is prob lactic acid related.

Lipo can be measured before it's seen, both fat loss and fat gain.  The defining feature of lipodystrophy non-fat loss kind is redistribution of fat around the abdominal organs (generally stolen from limbs) inside the abdomen, plus one or two other features like sometimes shoulder accumulation.  If it's on the outside of your abs it's, well, putting on weight (for whatever reason).  HIV fucks yr fat metabolism.  The most common presentation of lipo is probably changes to blood fats. 

I am posting this link cos it's, to my mind, the best overview of all aspects of lipo I have seen, fat loss, fat gain/redistribution, lipids, risk of diabetes: i-Base pages on lipo

- matt

Miss Philicia:
The first thing for me was noticing I was uncomfortable walking barefoot.  There's a layer of fat on the bottom of the feet so that's where I lost anything first.  A year later my butt disappeared and my face began to lose fat.  I can second the hard chair issue -- I actually got huge bruise marks on my ass cheeks and had no clue why at the time (8 years ago).  As I'd had a baby face with a bit of fat I welcomed my new face at first as I actually looked better with more prominent cheek bones, but unfortunately I kept losing more and more to where it no longer looked good.  That part all happened over a two year period, as my passport picture in '98 looks really good but pictures in '00 looked decidedly unhealthy.  Then in '00 I had my first major weight loss that you could really register on a scale... probably lost 15 pounds in a few months, not helped by getting a lung infection.  Went on testosterone treatment and gained it back within a year or less but then lost even more in '02, sinking from 170lbs to 140lbs.  Now I've gained it all back again and kept it at the 170 target for a good four years, but in the last 6 months have gone in the reverse direction and gained 15 lbs OVER my normal 170 and it's all buried in my gut.  Can't pinch an inch on the sides either, it's all under my abdomen and I now look 4 months pregnant.


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