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First Human Study of HIV Vaccine Vacc-C5 to begin

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--- Quote from: hubsen on November 11, 2012, 10:15:32 AM ---The study finally began last Tuesday. I received my first vaccine injection. I will receive another 4 shots within next 26 weeks.
They are doing blood work each week and I will post the results when I get them  :)

--- End quote ---

Do you know  when your treatment will be discontinued ?

No clue..

And you're not taking Atripla while getting the injections, right?

I am still on Atripla. No changes there. The plan is to receive two injections each 6 weeks until April 2013. The trial will be finished sometimes in May. Next week they will take the first blood work to evaluate the effect of the first two injections.

So far there are no side effects, let's hope for good results.

I'm new to all of this but, if you're on atripla how will they know if it is the vaccine working or your current medication?


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