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Had my 1st sex last Feb 2006 thats 8 months ago with my girlfriend, we have not done any till today. Its not really sex, more to foreplay which involve fingering, oral sex and some rubbing, where I just rub the head of my penis on her vagina lips, without a condom. There was NO sexual intercourse. As for now, Im in a normal state, had the normal flu and cough like a month ago, Im recovered now.. but I think theres no signs of HIV infection, coz I'm feeling fine... Im alil just worried.


1 - What are the signs of HIV and when does this signs happens?
2 - Without sexual intercourse, just rubbing without condom is it a high risk?
3 - Am I safe and do I need to have a HIV test, even after 8 months?

Thank you.

You didn't have a risk and you don't need to test.

Thanks for your answer RapidRod... I know I was somewhere in the low risk area... However, just to ignore the whole oral sex, coz I know the risk factor is very very low. But can you tell me how can one get infected tru sexual?? Is it Only tru sexual intercourse??

Coz what worries me, is the tot of me n my girlfriend did some 10sec rubbing stated above without me using a condom... can I get infected? With in mind she is HIV positive.. Which honestly I do not know if she is or not.. but she looks fine..


Last answer: You don't get infected doing frontage. You can't tell anyones status by their looks. The rest of the answers will be in the "Welcome" thread which you were suppose to have read first before you posted.

Thanks alot for your direct answers, that 'frontage' really scares me... anyways thx it eases me down now... after 8 months of wondering n thinking... probably its just guilt coz it was my 1st time... and its not even sexual intercourse. Coz since after the incident, I got a one time flu and cough, a lil sweat when a sleep, even when I'm in the loo.. if I see my stool looked differently I get worried... lol.

It would be great if anyone else has an opinion regarding on my situation.

Thx, keep it up.


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