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Six months on Meds

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It seems hard to believe but Monday was my 6 month follow up from starting meds.  After a rocky start, things seem to be going pretty good now.  They drew 20 tubes of blood and managed to drain one vein and had to open another one (yuck).  Part of the reaons was because I"m in a study and my HIV doc wanted to run some extra test.  (come to find out, they were tests they had already run, sometimes I wonder how thing don't get screwed up totally).  Anyway, the VL is still pending and I'm sure it is still undetectable.  CD4 remained at 23% which is what it was 2 months ago but the absolute count was up to 687 from 546.  I love it when that number goes up!!!!!   My only concern is that my liver enzymes were elevated.  They were 1.4 times what is considered the high end of normal.  The nurse said it was nothing to worry about with just one test so I'll see.  They tested for Hep C again--negative.  And they tested for toxoplasma.  Not sure what that is about but I read that 30-40% of everyone is infected with that parasite. And of course, I have it.  Nothign to worry about unless the immune system is compromised.

My life is way too busy now.  I don't get a chance to check things out here nearly as much as I would like to.  But in a way, I guess that's good.  Life is going on and I'm adapting to things. I'm feeling pretty good almost all of the time.  I even did that cruise to Key West and Calica Mexico about 3 weeks ago.  I have been hit with an early, but mild bout of the flu this week but seem to be bouncing back pretty quickly.

My diagnosis was almost 10 months ago... wow... my life has definately changed.  I've been to hell and back so to speak.  But the key point is, I'm back!  And I have a great outlook on life and right now things are moving in the right direction.  I've become acquainted with some great folks here that helped me make it through and I'll never forget that.   Thanks to all of you!

Onwards and upwards David, and you're powering on with both.  Great #'s too!  I'm totally envious.  Wanna donate some?

Keep on keeping on.

Hello David it is Eldon.

It is good to hear from you as well as your current labs are great. I love to hear good news. Just wanted to let you know that. Keep on doing what you have been doing and definitely keep that positive attitute towards life of yours!

Make the BEST of each Day!

Matt, I'd gladly share a few if we could figure out how... just not too many until I I'm confident of where I'm going with this (smile)  of course, I'd love someone to take some of those liver enzymes away too.  Thanks for your support.

Eldon, thanks for your comments and support. I always like good news and just wanted to share.  It's good to keep up with what is going on.

David, has it been that long?  Jeezz...  I think its more important now to slow down that clock even more, and just, enjoy the ride.... 

Keep up everything your doing... Its working..  Call you on Sunday sweetie..



PS... You are simply gorgious in that picture u no.. ;D ;D ;D   


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