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My newest blog post...You all know the drill

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As you know, I've been posting accounts of my recent activities involving on-line hook-ups on the Spin Cycle, the blog I share with Matty, Ronnie and Hermie. You are also aware that the articles are a frank and explicit description of unprotected sex between consenting HIV+ men.

You may also remember that I was reticent to post a link from this message board due to an encounter that went beyond the parameters of reasonable limits and precautions. The incident I was so worried about is described in chapter three, the one just published.

I will say that from my point of view, this was one of two encounters (the other, I think, will be in chapter four) that revealed what all this overactive libido was really all about, and it was a very painful lesson to have learned. I was retchedly sick with a UTI for over a month about a week after the incidents described and lost nearly ten pounds (which I could ill afford to loose and which I'm struggling to regain). But from a creative perspective, the final 1500 words are perhaps the finest I've ever written, as challenging as the topic might be for those who choose to read it.

So here goes: With my usual caveat:


(Who is back to himself again, finally)

Brent, dear....

I have stated before that your writing talent is breathtaking, and I agree with you that this is some of your best to date.

One thing I haven't ever said is how brutally honest and downright electrifying your descriptions are. In fact, although I know I'm reading about your sexual exploits in vivid detail, I find myself scrutinizing every word, every sentence because of the sheer artistry of the delivery of your written word.

The only other way I can explain what happens for me is like this: for years, I was a freelance calligrapher. Sometimes, (and much to my chagrin!), I would mis-spell a word, so focused was I on the execution of the components of the letter with my pen and ink.

Reading your third installment last night, I found myself re-reading a paragraph after paragraph, for in my mind, I kept losing the story line!

My other thought is this. There are few people willing to share such private details about encounters spurred off the internet, raw, lusty, boisterous and you are. Or who does it as well.

Challenging? Topic matter, yes. Writing? SUPERB.

With love,

Zephyr (who adores her Brent)

Well Bucko, I don't smoke but I certainly need a cigarette after reading that. 

(He who is living vicariously through Bucko)


Exquisitely written Brent. It has been haunting my thoughts since reading. Raw and powerful it brought up many emotions in me. Just what a good writer should do. I am so glad you are back.


OY!   :o

Brent, your descriptions are so vivid I feel as though I were there.

Glad you are back.




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