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Will I ever be a mom?

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@Em: Thank you!

@Liz: I haven't looked at that site. I definitely will. Its just that where I live people aren't very accepting or open-minded about it. I'd probably have to find someone online or via some other medium but I'm an optimistic person so we'll see. It'll be difficult for me to disclose though, I'm sure.

Did not know I could not post here. Deleted

I had my daughter at almost three years positive. I just trusted my doctors and did what they said.
 Some irresponsible moment I became pregnant. Her dad left so for the first six years I was a single mom. Then I went online and met my hubby who has been positive for almost 23 years now.
 I was on a study that covered my medical cost with my pregnancy.
 I also had my daughter natural birth.

Idee thats amazing!!!! Well, not that your daughter's dad left but atleast you've found love. I am so happy that you have a happy ending to your love story. I pray that I will too. Crossing my fingers and toes about it.  :) Thank you all for the uplifting words.

I met my husband on a site called love is postive. I don't know if it is still up but it worked for me.
I know you'll have a happy ending.


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