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Will I ever be a mom?

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Hi Ladies,

I'm a young woman (25 y.o.) who's recently been diagnosed and I've been handling most of it well except that my biggest dream seems to have been crushed. I've always looked forward to being happily married with kids and now that doesn't seem very possible. Where I live its difficult to find a suitable partner even in the best of situations but being positive makes it even worse. I love children and I'm so good with them, being an only child for my parents how will I handle not having children of my own? Its absolutely devastating. That's the part I cry about most. I guess you all cant change the situation but I just wanted to vent a bit since I haven't told anyone about my status.

Keep offering the wonderful encouragement you have been.

Adopt. You get to be Mom and Dad, make unilateral decisions, work your ass off and never enjoy being home more.

Dwl. That's a wonderful option. I'll def ask you to be the Godparent too.  ;) Thanks for lightening the mood Em.

You're most welcome. There's a kid out there who's already waiting for you.

I worry about that too positivelyhopeful, I worry about being alone and not having kids, but then I remind myself that there are all sorts of definitions of motherhood, adoption like emeraldize pointed out or being a step mom and many others. Not to mention, there IS still the possiblity of meeting someone and going about it the old fashioned way! Do you ever look at I read some of the women's personal stories on there about all the things they've done since becoming diagnosed including getting married and having kids and it really does boost me up.


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