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about Hep B treatment ?


 Recently was told I'm not immune to Hepatitis B ( but also I do NOT have it ).
I took the prevention shots years ago ( in 1999 but had a low, under 200 t-cell count then, which probably explains why it didn't take hold ).
 Is there any point  in getting a new round of prevention shots ( my t-cell count is still low, under 200 ) ?
 I don't have a sex life. So am I relatively safe from contracting it - the Hep B ?

If you don't have sex you are not at risk of getting hep B unless you shoot up.  Household transmission, while possible, is very rare.

Is it worth having another round of shots sometime? maybe, but it don't work for everyone, some people (like me) just can't get benefit from the vaccine (I got immune the hard way).

Standard safe sex procedure (condoms for fucking) remove most of the risk of transmission in any case.

Do think about a hep A shot, if you haven't already, since this is easy to get.

- matt

Thanks newt !
Yes I got my Hep A prevention shots in 1999 as well and ironically they worked, unlike the Hep B prevention shots.

Your reply helped.


I have had three rounds of Hep B immunizations, and have never develped a sufficient titer to confer anything but "borderline immunity".  That was well before my HIV diagnosis, when I still tested negative for HIV.


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