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Sculptra rec., problem with nodules

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Two questions for everyone:

1) I'm looking for a lipoatrophy/sculptra experienced dermatologist in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia or NYC. Any recommendations would be wonderful.

2) My last sculptra treatment has caused two hard, pea-sized nodules. They didn't show initially, but as the treatment effect wears off, they are now. The dermatologist that did the injections, Dr. Martins, does not want to remove them. Does anyone have experience with removal of these nodules?

I had my first Sculptra treatments in SF by Dr. Echavez. He was careful, conservative, and it took many injections. No nodules developed. With the next treatment in Baltimore, Dr. Martins injected a very large volume all at once, and I ended up with the hard nodules and an overall lumpy look as the treatment fades.

Really appreciate any insight you all might have.

Miss Philicia:
I live in Philadelphia and have sculptra injections done by Dr. Robert Winn, Medical Director of the Mazzoni Center:

He's very experienced with sculptra, and I think he's the most seen doctor for this procedure locally. As far as your "nodule" issue I can't really comment.

You may also consider Dr. Michael Olding in Washington, DC:

He is board certified and very good.

I don't have information for correcting nodules that have already formed.

However, following your injections, the doctor should instruct you to deeply and vigorously massage the injection site for a specified period of to even out the filler and lessen the possibility for the formulation of lumps and bumps.

I also held a plastic glove filled with ice at the injection site(s) for a while to help reduce swelling.

The above worked very well for me.

I hope this helps.

I had my first injections done about 10 years ago and am going next week to a new plastic surgeon to discuss Sculptra and correcting what appears to be one or two under my eyes.  Of course they could be something else, but it will be interesting to see what an expert down here in Southern CA says. 

One in particular seems to get worse if I sleep on it in a certain position over night.  It gets bigger - like dime size - kinda puffy like and then diminishes over time.  I've tried hot water, heat, tea bags, ice all kinds of things.   The problem with one of the spots is that it feels like a little pebble attached to the bone (eye socket).

I went to the Urgent Care and they classified it as a possible lipoma.

When I first started treatments back in January of 2005, I ended up with more nodules than I can even remember. But I do remember it feeling like I had a line of BB's under one eye. At that time...I was freaking out and wondered if I was better off before the Sculptra? Over the years, the nodules that were there disappeared and my doctor's technique has become nothing short of amazing (I just had another session last week).
I don't know about any doctors in your area...but I'd suggest using one that has quite a bit of experience using Sculptra as a filler


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