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The right combo?


I was looking at this page

and I notice my Uncle is on Kaletra, Invarase, and Ziagen.  He is on nothing from Column B.  Is this common?


The rule of thumb is at least THREE DRUGS from TWO different classes, so this combo counts on that front.

However, first-line combo is typically 2 nukes (on the AIDSMEDS table, column B + column C) plus EITHER a non-nuke or PI (column A).  You might ask why he's on two PIs + 1 nuke, there could be a good reason, like resistance, or something else not med-related, but related to his current clinical picture.

This said, the mix of drugs he's on, it's a strong & good combo.

- matt

ADDED SAT 30 SEP - the combo choice may be because of his kidney function, I see from another of your posts that his creatine is v high - of the column C drugs, Viread will be hard on his kidneys, and others may not be good for his lactic acid levels, which is a closely related matter.

- matt


Once someone has trouble with Viread due to Kidneys, is this the beginning of drugs not working as well?  Or is it unrelated?  He was on Viread for almost 7 years with no problems at all..Then all of the sudden..wham.



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