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Joe K:
Dear Family,

This is possibly the most difficult post I have ever written, for so many reasons.  After much juggling and balancing the books, there is just no way I can afford to go to Montreal for AMG 06.  Actually, I know I can go because all I need to do is post my need ...  but you know how cruel pride can be sometimes.  So i find myself on the horns of a dilemma.

Being on the Grants Committee, I now find myself in need of help to travel to Montreal and I can't do this through the committee and so I came to all of you.  I can't believe I am doing this, but I need Montreal very badly, for so, so many reasons.  And leave it to a good friend, to remind me that there is no shame in asking for help from your friends.

I need help with both my airfare and hotel.  We found one flight for $305 that works great but there's not enough Grants money left to cover the flight.  Then there is the hotel, but hopefully I can just double up with someone.  Thanks in advance for what I know you will all do for me.

(I suppose this is one of those "defining moments" in ones' life, difficult, yet very sweet.)


Joe, you have been here for so many of us....And one of the major reasons that Trish and I are going.....We can figure out something.


you have been here for us.
We will work it out for you.

If we all put in a litlle it will will fill the basket.


I agree withKCmetroman and Herman,
I dont think I will be going myself but
if you have Paypal drop me a PM with your accountname,
I will help you,pal. 8)


Well Joe,  Ask and you will receive.  I have a room for two, which has been generously provided by one of the members here, and I would be overjoyed to spend the time with you.  You have been one of the "Rocks" here, and what would it look like if we couldn't fix this for you.  I trust the airfare will be provided somehow, but the room is reserved from the 16th to the 23rd, and it is a double room, so there you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a few days, Alan/doyourowndamndishes, might be sharing also, but we can fit three very well.  Besides, I know we can think of somehting to talk about together.

In Love and Support. ;D


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