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Friday, 5AM Eastern Standard Time (Sorry, almost broke out into some Rent lyrics)   ;)

Friday turned out to be a weird day for me.  I woke up at 5AM and got online to check to see if my paycheck was deposited.  Bonus, I got shit on twice... the pigeon shit (paycheck) and the eagle shit (social security).   ;D

So I showered, went to Starbucks for some joe and went back home to plot my day. I found a 250GB hard drive at Circuit City for $89 after rebates that would be perfect for my video rendering.  But something in my morning was missing, so I waited until 9AM and called my hair dresser and booked a nooner and called my masseuse for a half hour session.  Both worked for them.   :)

I went and had a nice half hour session, concentrating on my neck area, left feeling refreshed and headed down to Circuit City to pick up my hard drive that I had ordered online the previous nice.  I got that and arrived at the hair salon 10 minutes late, typical fag.   :P  Luckily, Zeque my hairdresser was running 20 minutes late.

I spend two and a half hours there, getting cut, waxed and my tips down, and of course, lots of gossip.  From there I went to Mystic Tan (as seen on the current Real World) for a quick spray on tan to match my new hair.

What fun, I totally pampered myself!  I needed a day like this for a long time. 

After the fake tan, I went to Keith's (a Tampa Bar) for my usual daily drinks and had a ball there.  I stayed a couple of hours and went home.  After dinner and a couple of hours with my dog, I decided to go back for rounds two (cuter bartenders are on second shift, and of course, the strippers).

About five miles from the bar, I got a call.  You know, one of those numbers that show up on your caller ID that you dread... the number that shouldn't be calling that late.   I saw the name come up "Just Jack" and my stomach sank.  I answered it and got the news that I suspected, our friend Terry had passed away about an hour ago, at home with some family and friends with him.

I think I have talked to some others here from Tampa, and you might know Terry Becker.  He owned Keith's for years before he sold it.  He was a daily regular there and I am SO lucky that I found that little bar when I moved to Florida two years ago.  I am truly blessed to have known such a great, kind man.  His celebration of life will be held Thursday from 2-4 PM at Keith's.

Sorry for the ramble... my fingers just had too much pent up energy tonight.


Im so sorry for the loss your friend.


Thanks, Teresa... we all knew it was coming and had prepared for it.  At least his long suffering with emphysema is over and he is in a better place.

Take care,

Gay time :)  You can break out into Rent anytime! Love Rent!  Sorry to hear about your friend Terry. :(


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