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I recently became involved in a newly formed consumer committee where I live. Toocut tomthe chase we are working on a  mission statement. I  Thought this  might be  a good place to seek  some examples form other cities.  Why reinvent the wheel   when perhaps there  is one  that would only need a bit of modification to suit us already out there. If you are involved  and do   have one in your local community I'd  love to   be  able to draw ideas from it if you are willing to send me a  copy  at .  I know  non disclosure of status  and a commitment to diversity  and  representing the entirety of the community  are important to us. Thanks  in advance - Bob

our state HIV task Force (SC HIV/AIDS Care Crisis Task Force is putting together a SC HIV/AIDS Strategy similar to the national one that went into implementation about a year ago. You might find some helpful information in the national plan ( in the "Increasing Access to Care and Improving Health Outcomes for People Living with HIV" and "Reducing HIV-Related Disparities and Health Inequities" sections.

I for one, as Communications Chair for our Task Force, would be interested in what other information you receive and what your committee ends up producing. ;)

I will get back to you when we finish. I  have some ideas on values. one,  that   the only   thing  of importance in the  room is HIV  status  and that beyond that  there    our identities   are  unimportant and   our shared  identity the only one that matters. We  may  all come from different backgrounds, have different barriers   to care  and prejudices to address,  some  may harbor some prejudice   outside of the room against  other  groups effected but in that  room in that meeting  the only identity  that matters is   HIV Positive  consumer  wanting to make  a difference  and all the intolerance  judgement   games of   who has it worse need to  be left at the's just saying it nice.  I have heard some  nasty crap  said  and  the ugliest argument I ever saw  was  at a men's  group over   what   stigmatized group  was the   worse victim.....
Also  the   general purpose being to improve services  and address gaps in knowledge   and serve as a conduit  between those infected and service providers   to help address  opportunities to improve  service  and breaking down unseen barriers

Recognizing  everyone needs to vent at times  but that at some point venting  becomes counter productive  and the goal  is  change  not      harnessing anger.

   Something about the committee  being like  a pyramid  and if   it fails  to reflect  the entirety of the epidemic  then   the  base is   small  and   the point   we can reach for    low  and only when we reflect the widest   representation of  the face of Hiv   will   the pinnacle  of we can reach as a group  be  it's highest....thing is I  have an LD and cant write for shit. I could sell   water in a monsoon  but don't ask me to  spell cat the same way twice :(  y=that's the kind of flavor I'd like though   emphasizing our cooperative    relationship   with  service providers  and  mutually shared goal of improved services  and our   commitment  that    every     effected community   has to have a voice   at the table  for  real  success to occur.   I mean  empathy only goes so far. I  can't  understand  the fullness of someone Else's experience or challenges. I may  care about other groups  but I  can't  really    do a great job identifying  what  their  barriers to care are

Long delay  but i  wanted to share  what we  came  up with  and  our  non  quantifiable  quality  worsksheet  we  were tasked to  create.  It's  meant  to be displayed publicly and worked on by  a  team  and  show  customers( the  "'cloent" thing  doesnt  define  the  relationship properly) their  concerns  are  heard  and  acted  on.   We aren't   clients   we are  customers without whom  they  dont  have  a  job.


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