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Patch Testing for Abacavir Hypersensitivity


Have an appointment booked to have some testing done before resuming Abacavir, in lieu of Zerit. Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences pro or con with the testing process and results. PM or post here, if you will.

I'm told the meds and strip of tape they apply is about 1" x 5" in size. They generally use the upper back area as the skin there is suitable to testing. I'm wondering if there are other area sof the body that might be better, should post-testing conditions present. I just don't like having to tell stories about my scar tissue. There's too much of it on me as it is!

It's a simple test, to see if you have a particular gene (haplotype) and won't leave a scar (well, shouldn't). It's a skin cell test.

If you had no bad reaction to abacavir before it should be okay to take it again.  If you had a bad reaction, regardless of the test result, you shouldn't use it go for it.  The test occasionally rules in people as able to use abacavir who can't and vice versa.

 - matt

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Would having a complete DNA profile done be a better method of being certain? I'd love to have something for the coffeetable that would be interesting, if only for a few seconds ;)


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