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I have read various threads dealing with the "window period". I too am concerned with this window. I tested negative at 12 weeks and 3 days. That, according to the CDC is 97 percent accurate. I think it does have an effect psychologically but I wonder if there is also any real difference. Beyond that, the type of test I took was the Oraquick, I think Advanced. What I was not told was I shouldn't have eaten or drunk anything before the test. I read one site that said one hour before so as to not mess with accuracy. One healthworker told me 5 minutes and most others say that it can not effect the result. I was sitting in the waiting room drinking a Dr. Pepper after eating rice next door. I did go and wash my mouth out with water before the test. I don't think it was 5 minutes even before I rubbed the swab on my gums. Anyway, negative at 12 weeks and a few days after expecting a positive.

But I have a few questions.

1. Difference between 12 and 13 weeks? Any real difference or just not measurable?

2. Can drinking or eating before the rapid test effect accuracy? Is it accurate as long as the control line is there? Could this have resulted in not enough plasma to register? Would the control line see that?

3. I have what one might term hairy leukoplakia. With this - should I doubt my results? How ofter is this during seroconversion? I get anything from "what?" to "often".

4. What should I do now?

Matty the Damned:
1. No, there is no real difference. It's 12 weeks in Europe, the UK and Australia etc and 13 in most of the US, except for MA, where it's 6.

2. No.

3. Leukoplakia is not a symptom of HIV infection, per se.

4. Get on with your life. You've reliably tested negative. Practice safer sex. Don't share needles. Be good to your mother and puppy dogs.


Is Europe using the 4th generation tests or the Oraquick?

Matty the Damned:

--- Quote from: Unknown on June 04, 2006, 09:38:24 PM ---Is Europe using the 4th generation tests or the Oraquick?

--- End quote ---

Whatever tests they use in Europe will be perfectly acceptable for an accurate diagnosis. Generations and what not are really not your concern.

You've tested negative. I suspect you were told this in the old forums. I really suggest you read the lessons here and possibly the sticky thread at the top of this forum. It outlines what the Moderators do to WW's who have passed their expiry date around here but keep asking pointless questions.


With all due respect, and I do respect your opinion and knowledge, this is the first time I have ever posted in this forum. You may check my IP if you would like. I understand that there are people in here who will not believe they are negative no matter what, this is a common problem on all forums dealing with this issue. I am not one of those people. I do not need to be told the same thing three times, maybe twice for verification, but when it comes from someone who is knowledgeable then I don't need the verification. I will not ask the same question of you twice. If someone has another opinion they are free to answer it after reading my original post.

The confusing thing about HIV and testing in that there are so many different numbers out there. This is what I have gathered from the CDC, 25 days average seroconversion, 2-8 weeks for most people, 97 percent by 3 months. All my questions have to do with respect to those numbers and how they are arrived at. My question on Oraquick, after gathering so many different answers, I decided to post here in a place where perhaps there may be someone who does testing and is more familiar with the tool. Had I not been eating and drinking before the test, there would be no issue there. Had I not developed unusual lesions on my tongue, there would be no question about accuracy of testing at 12 weeks instead of 13. Ultimately, the only solution is for me to retest. Maybe even sooner than later. I am awaiting a lab from a swab on my tongue. If it comes back normal, then I will leave this behind. Be sure that I am not here to pester you. I have the greatest respect for the time you are willing to invest here and I will pay tribute to that by not wasting your time. Thanks for your answers.


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