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reducing belly fat without egrifta


My Doctor will not prescribe Egrifta for me due to side effects, especially with Kidney transplant. Have lipidatrophy Excessive Belly fat. Has anyone lost this Visceral Fat with dieting and aggressive exercise . That's what my doctor suggested.

Hey Fizzthere,

To my knowledge, no, aggressive exercise and diet will not control or eliminate visceral adipose tissue.

I have the same problem. I have the Crix belly as well as the buffalo hump, etc.

Doing a lot of crunches will help develop your abdominal muscles and that, in turn, will allow you to hold in your belly a bit better. I have done that.

I did it so much I managed to tear a chest muscle, but that's another story.

But it didn't get rid of the fat.

I lost about 15 pounds trying to lessen my obvious humps, lumps and bumps.

The rest of me got skinnier, the humps, gut, etc., stayed the same, which didn't enhance my appearance.

Wish I could tell you otherwise, but diet and exercise are have not been shown to be effectdive in cases like this.

If your doctor has evidence otherwise, I would love to see it. If there is a way to help reduce this stuff, I will definitely give it a try.




When I read Mark's reply..... I was sad as I have a waist of 38" and belly of 44"

He said that with serious execise, the lipo fat will not go away... Sad news.

I saw this advert on the neton how to get Abs quickly... It looks good and also has tips on dieting with more effective exercise in 30mins.

I will try it and see if it helps me.




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