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Tested positive one year ago, still scared

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DragonLion here, thank you everyone for your thoughts and insight.
 Ann, I'm on Mepron to protect me against PCP, I could not take Bactrim or Dapsone, I'm allergic to sulfa drugs.

I take Ethambutol and Zithromax for the MAC. Right now my drug list totals 15.

Killfoile, thank you so much. I am 50 years old and have only known I'm poz within the last year. Your message was really wonderful to hear and yes I'm a fighter. I do have great doctors and I do discuss everything with them. I uderstand that I have to be patient when it comes to T-cells.

Again thanks to everyone. I'll keep in contact for sure. I don't know why I was so scared to talk to anyone but I'm not anymore, thanks.

Love and Well Wishes Everyone

    HEY everyone
I was diagnosed in JAN OF 05. still having a hard time with this. But anyway, My CD4 was below 200 And viral load was in the 100,00"s . I was in such  shock that I really can't
I really wasn;t gonna seek treatment,I just didn't care at that point. So much has happened to me at that point I was threw fighting. My family decided to have an intervention with me. So to make a long story short I agreed.
 What I was gonna say is my CD4  went up slowly but  the meds started to work
My VL is undetectable now. So anyway, my CD4 started going back down again and my ID doc told me tthat  CD4 counts will fluctuate with stress levels.
He basically told me I need to relax. I also have diabetes and high blood pressure along with many other health issues.
So, I started to do breathing excersises. And I started doing different kinds of  arts and crafts to occupy my mind and it works. I also listen to mild classical never thought I'd me listening to that kind of,. Whatever works for you go for it. Thank you for reading...HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND........


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