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Hi Robert.

I'm on the same combo as you.  It's a great regimen with minimal side effects and outstanding results.  I don't think you'll regret it one minute.

But I did want to let you know that there is a relatively new (I think it came out Nov, 2004) pill called TRUVADA.  It is a combination of Viread and Emtriva.  Emtriva and Epivir and very, very much alike.  My Dr. switched me over to the Truvada.  Not a big deal.  Just one less pill.

Keep in touch.


Thanks...yes I am going to switch to Truvada in place of the Epivir and Viread, if only for the lower co-pay each month!  My doc prescribed them separately up front because I was interested in being able to take treatment holidays in the future, since my virus has seemed to be less aggressive than some.  He felt Epivir was a bit better for this.  But the PA at the same office says they're too similar for it to matter.  I just wanted to get my results in for 2 labs to make sure everything stays hunky dorey before I change anything.  So that'll be in August...

Thanks for the post and thanks to everyone here for the support.


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