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Hi all..I am a 23yr old male  taking Sustiva Videx Ec and Epivir for going on 3yrs strong. As you all know there is now One pill a day Atripla. Do you think it would be wise to switch to Atripla so I only have to take and pay for 1 pill instead of 3? Any sugesstions would be appreciated.

Being a Brit, my treatment is free at point of need....

If you are happy and settled on your combo & it's working well then there's no clinical reason to change. 

Atripla is 3 drugs - Sustiva, Viread and FTC (a 3TC upgrade) - in one tablet.  Some people taking Atripla have found the Sustiva head effects have come back/got worse (but then again, others not...).  Plus Viread will be a new agent and you may not get on with it, though this is unlikely as most people do.

You might want to do it in two steps. Viread and FTC come in one tab called Truvada.  If you switched ddI + 3TC for Truvada then you could find out if Viread agrees with you.  If not, it's simple to switch back.  This might be a better first step, cos many people find Viread on an empty stomach means big wind in the gut etc, it's better it seems with food. If you find you can take Sustiva + Truvada together with no bad effects then you can, move on to Atripla.

Or you can just go do it all in one go and see.

Even if you end up on two tabs/day rather than one it will save money eh?

- matt


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