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MARIA PAPAGGIANDOU, pronounced dead

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MARIA PAPAGGIANDOU, of Athens Greece, a renowned decident, has been pronounced dead. She was reportedly diagnosed with a Mac infection, and abruptly started taking ARVs. I will post more information and links as it becomes available.

Why did you chose the word dissident for a deluded HIV denialist who's now dead as a doornail.

dissident - noun

someone who disagrees publicly with a government, especially in a country where this is not allowed...

someone who disagrees publicly with the policy of an organization they belong to, especially a political party

Well, I didn't want to seem rude while talking about the dead. But yes, you are correct, she was definitely a denialist.

Well is she dead? If so, it is a pity it was too late for HAART to save her life, and maybe then she could have put the same energy into publicizing how wrong she was to her flock. But no. 

Nobody wishes death on deluded people.  Rather, awakening to reality and life.

Its one thing to be quietly deluded and destroy one's own life, and of course also hurt and disrespect all the people around oneself, who would certainly rather the HIV+ person goes on living and gets healthy.

But she proselytized denial.  Hocus pocus and fantasy.  And so she may very well have contributed to other people's suffering and deaths.   So I say, call a spade a spade.

yes, she is indeed dead. Her funeral is on tomorrow. Hopefully people following her will wake up and smell the freshly brewed coffee. Some of her followers are trying to say now that her passing is because she spent ten years taking HAART and that it "messed up" her immune system.


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