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I read your post and I don't think you ever came back and told us about the conclusive test. If I recall correctly,  the Western Blot was negative.

Have you gotten those results yet?

I am hoping that you will get good news.

Thanks for ur replies/PMs.
I got my results today(yeah Friday the 13th) - positive. So looks like te first western blot was a false negative. Viral Load: 500,000  CD4:449, my doctor wants me to go on Sustiva and Truvada immediately, but I said I need a week or so to decide. Wasn't really expecting meds so soon, I'm thinking maybe I should wait a month or so to see if the viral load drops(after the initial acute stage of infection etc) and then decide.
What do you think?

You have no reason to be in any rush on taking meds. You should at least have a couple more CD4 and VL tests done before you make any kind of decision


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