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so i'm starting this combo tonight or tomorrrow... just wanted to see if anyone had anything to say about it. my doc said i may have some GI problems but that would be it. he will also test kindney functions in the future.

i will take them with food.
morning - 1 truvada, 2 kaletra
night - 2 kaletra.

this is very exciting. i'm going to stomp on the virus.

well... i did it. i cried and cried and then took my pills  - 1 truvada and 2 kaletra - an hour ago. about 5 minutes after i swallowed them i had a small panic attack. then i did some deep breathing, watched a little stiptease (demi moore) and then a little of the View. the pills have been in me for about an hour and i think i'm ok for now. i'm such a drama queen.


It's good to have a bit of a cry now and then so no worries, eh? It's a good way of letting off steam and you don't have to be a drama queen to do it. I don't have any meds experience yet, but I understand your anxiety over starting because I feel it too.

I hope you're still feeling ok. Sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy and keeping your mind off it, which is a good first day coping strategy. Keep us posted on how it goes.

Hang in there mate... I'm looking forward to the day when you come here to report your UNDETECTABLE viral load results.

First day of meds hugs and  :-*


well it's been 5 days on this combo and SO FAR i'm doing amazingly well.

i had no short term side effects the first 2 days. i vomited once on the 3rd night - i don't know if it was anxiety related as well but i was just feeling weird, couldn't sleep then - VOMIT at 2 am - then back to bed...  since then i have had nothing. I feel fine... kinda feel like i shouldn't feel fine but i do. i guess the new kaletra tablets are much better than the capsules on the stomach. i'm scared that the diarrhea will start or something worse but for now i'm counting my blessings. Let's hope it continues...

I am experiencing the same thing,  on my 3rd day of Kaletra and very queezy.   Glad to hear it gets better.  I hope I feel normal again...

hang tight.


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