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Dry eyes and mouth, peripheral neuropathy . Please help i am desperate

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--- Quote from: paranoiafreak on April 08, 2012, 11:21:14 PM ---have been worried of contracting HIV.
I have had unprotected receptive anal sex last August 12, 2011 and i also had protected anal sex on October 12,2011.
On the last week of October, i started to feel chills everyday at night and i have stuffy nose and loose bowel once a day every morning. I can also feel 4 lymph nodes below my jawline and one small nodes(less than 1 cm) at the side of my neck.Later on, the chills is felt already even in daytime. I checked my temp everytime i had chills and it ranges from 37.1-37.4 persisting for almost 3 months .These continued until the 2nd week of January . After the chills and what i think is lowgrade fever subsides, burning sensation in my feet and hands starts to develop which worsens at dawn, i also experienced dry mouth and white tongue which i could not scrape. I had 2 episodes of hives all over my body which lasted for days and i dont have any known allergy. Know i have 1 ulcer in my lips and once i had it at the back of my throat. I also have feeling of tiredness, dry mouth, and burning sensation in my my hands and feet. The burning sensation is on the dorsal part of the feet, around the ankle ,in the calf, in the dorsal area of my hands but not on the sole of the feet and the palms and the toes.I have been tested negative for HIV antibody in December 14, 2011 and january 16, 2012 which turned out non-reactive.I also had my stool checked and found nmumerous fungus in my stool.
I am still doubtful of my rewsult since i am having all these symptoms.I also have been checked for my blood sugar, my thyroid panel and other stds. Are there tests in ASIA which gives false negative results?
Can hiv be my possible problem? Are there any other diseases which may manifest same as HIV?
Can peripheral neuropathy manifest in this manner Ė Burning sensation on the dorsal areas of the feet and the hands and does not include the sole, the palms and the toes? The burning sensation is worst when i am lying down or when i am wearing socks. Can, peripheral neuropathy and dry mouth this worse occur early in the disease?
Can lowgrade fever in chronic HIV infection subsides after a few months or will it remain until treated? Can lowgrade fever in be a manifestation of early infection and how long is the possible duration?
Can all these just be anxiety, can anxiety cause all these symptoms and can anxiety symptoms last long?
Can the fungus in my stool means i have a compromised immune system?
Can all of these be signs of HIV or can all these be signs of anxietY?
Pls. help me. I am so worried.

I feel that neuropathy and dry mouth and dry eyes are more specific symptoms of hiv since i donít have diabetes and other illnesses which may cause it and what i have read that it may be caused by diffuse infiltrative lymphocytosis syndrome. I am afraid i might be one of the rare late seroconverters, could that be possible doc? I donít have any history of cancer, drug use, etc.

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Have u tested again for a test this month?

Not anymore . . .
i am really already afraid . . how many test do i need before i should stop testing? I am afraid i might lose my future if i'd test positive.

Andy Velez:
You have reliably  tested negative for HIV. Whether you believe it or not you are HIV negative. If you continue to have troubling symptoms you should discuss them with your doctor.

There is nothing more we can do for you in this setting. If you continue to return here about HIV you are going to find yourself getting Timed Out again from the site, but this time it will be for 56 days or permanently.

You might also consider seeing a therapist or other professional to get support with the emotional aspects of your situation. We can't help you with that here.

HIV is not your problem. Period. 


--- Quote from: nursepoz24 on July 06, 2012, 03:39:23 AM ---
Have u tested again for a test this month?

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How many times do I have to explain the posting rules of this site to you? You are not authorised to post in the Am I Infected forum. You have already had one time out over this issue.

I'm giving you another time out - this one will last for 30 days (as per the time out system outlined in the Living With Welcome Thread.



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