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i know this is an older post but im sorry to hear about your father. i recently lost my daddy too. july 26th 2012. he was hiv/aids+ for about 17 yrs and almost made it to 50 but sommething happened and he took his own life... i dont know how to deal with this and could use some advise. i am shutting things and people out because i am in so much pain i feel like this isnt real or isnt my life any more. i love my dad so much and dont kno what to do without him here... im so broken

Daddy's Girl,

First of all, forgive me for taking so long to respond to your post. Both of are situations are different, but we share a love for our fathers and we miss them dearly. I'd like to say it gets easier, and in a way it does, but there always comes those days where a flashback will occur and usually will bring a tear to your eye, but also maybe a smile :) I remember the surreal feeling you are referring to, coping with loss and grief leads us to acceptance eventually. Hang in there, you still have your child to nurture and love and remember a piece of your father is in both you and her. Take Care, you're going to be alright.



So it's been a year, and I'm doing better. I think of you often, I really miss what could have been. Had a little burst of tears earlier, but I'm ok. I know you're happy, so happy birthday yesterday on earth and happy birthday in Heaven 😃 love you dad!


Heidi, my prayers and thoughts are with you.  I lost my father a couple years back.  He was my best friend and I dearly miss him.  The love you show for your father in your post made my eyes tear, and I wish you tremendous strength during your grieving and healing.

Stay strong,


Thank you Jeff, my condolences to you as well. I visit here often (this website)... And read a few posts... I'm so hugely knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS, it is crazy. The whole dentist thing going on in Oklahoma, saying they may have contracted HIV--I actually heard myself talking like Ann or Andy---"HIV is a fragile virus." I've come to view many of the people here as friends merely because they are so grounded for the most part. You, the moderators- even Rapid Rod (love how sardonic he is), Matty the damned, willy Wump, mecch, emeraldize, tednlous, Wolfie, learherman---I can go on and on. It's a wealth of information and a lot of encouragement for the most
So thank you for your kind words to me 😃

Much love,


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