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Sometimes it is more hard on the loved ones watching

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I thought I might start a new thread. In my last thread I talked about how days are hard, just dealing with the diagnosis and initial infections. As I watch my dad get sicker here in the hospital I can't help but think, is it harder on him or the rest of us in a sort of limbo stage not knowing if we should be expecting him to die, or just watch him slowly keep passing into he sees things that aren't there or talking about conversation that isn't happening, or asking each of to do things that make absolutely no sense at all. Seeing my father who was a man of logic and order slip into what most consider insanity only makes me cry and to tell you the truth, thoroughly emotionally exhausted.  What an awful disease to rob many of so much.

Jeff G:
There is simply not much one can say to stop the pain that comes from watching someone you love struggle with something like this but I want you to know my thoughts are with you and your family . 

Please look after yourself and let us know how you are doing .       

I'm really sorry to hear your dad isn't doing better Imiss  :( 

I think it IS hard on the family and those who care.  I have seen that in my parents. I'm not sure my stepdad has even accepted it yet to be honest with you.  No doubt it is not easy for you and YOUR family.  Hang in there and know there are people here who care  :) 

Hang in there and take care of yourself as well! Thoughts your way!! 

Thank you jg and forrest, it is very hard... Not knowing what to expect on anything :( thank you for your thoughts and prayers, they are trully appreciated.

3-27-12.... 11:20, my daddy passed away. It's funny, you want peace for him but in the very end... All you wish for is a little more time. Thank you all for your care and kind words.

Truly heart broken,


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