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--- Quote from: aztecan on March 27, 2012, 11:05:25 AM ---Are we talking about kombucha tea?

Lordy, I haven't heard of that in years. I used to make it and drink it faithfully.

Of course, that was pre-1996.

My fungus finally bit the big one and I never replaced it.

But, I know it didn't seem to hurt me, although I am still not crazy about the taste.



--- End quote ---

Yes!  You can now buy it in the stores.  I know some hippy's that still make it at home.  The store variety is less intense and is flavored.  Some flavors are pretty good.

Miss Philicia:
Here's some store bought for you, Marcia -- I had my new girlfriend pose with it

Kombucha is a great product.  I swear by it.  I've been drinking it for years, even when I was neg.  Whenever I feel run-down or have a health issue, the first things I reach for are green tea and kombucha.  I notice results with both and I do feel more energized.

Yes, there are some delicious flavors.  My favorite is GT's cherry with chia seeds.  One kind to avoid is Vibranz brand chai flavor.  Ugh... that stuff is ghastly.  It tastes like varnish.

I was dismayed when I ran across some articles which said that consuming kombucha is not advised for poz people because it can cause lactic acidosis.  Perhaps something to be aware of but no cause for alarm.  I'll be devastated if I have to give up my kombucha.    :-\


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