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Really Need a Friend Tonight

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Okay, I misunderstood your first post, sorry for that.  As killfoille said, you need to take some time to relax, slow breathing etc.  If you test positive, the doctor will probably order repeat tests for seropositivity, and check you CD4 count as well as viral level.  Unless you are acutely ill, you still have more waiting ahead of you.  For tonight, and until your appointment tomorrow, just do your best to keep yourself calm and level-headed.  Most of us here have done the waiting thing, although there are several that had their diagnosis sprung upon them.

thanks! ill do my best to stay calm but im really terrified. im not sick but i have put this off for a while and hope its not too late to get treatment if the result is +. thanks for the advice!!

You cannot make a determination that you are positive on your own. Symptons, or even exposure to someone who is positive, are not conclusive indicators. Only a test will say for sure.

Having said that, if you feel so sure that you are positive (and Ann is right, unless you share the reason you feel that way we cannot give you proper advice) then the very least you need to understand is if you are positive then that is certainly not the end of the world, and that you'll be around, living a full life for a long time. Once a positive person learns and assimilates this, then life does go on.

So just wait until you get the results, and if they are positive, then take a deep breath and say "Okay, I can live with this"..because you can, and will. This is 2006, and treatment has come a long way. Furthermore many promising developments are in the pipeline, and we will see fantastic treatment vaccines in the near future. step at a time, and you'll be fine.

As far as your friend, well I really don't know what to say, except that those who love us can be surprisingly resilient, and sometimes we don't give them enough credit. So stop worrying about all this for now, and don't think about everything at once (a sure way to have an emotional burnout.) Keep things separate, and in proper perspective. It's easier to manage things emotionally that way. Keep us posted and best of luck. But remember, whatever you hear tomorrow, you'll be fine. J.

p.s. also remember, anything and everything you are feeling, most of us, if not all, have gone through as well, so, you are not alone. Think of this, it's a source of comfort.

thank you so much everyone! im going to do my best to relax and try to get up enough courage to go through with it all. i think ill feel better after i know once and for all and can make decisions with the advice of a doctor and not just making up things in my head. i think the mental stress is the worst part so far and hopefully i can find a way to deal with it. im "what-iffing" myself to death practically and thinking "if im + i only have 3 yrs, 5 yrs, etc at best" - not sure where i am getting these figures but i guess the mind plays crazy tricks on us when we are under duress. nevertheless, i really appreciate everyone taking the time to comfort me a bit. im going to try to think about things not all at once and go step by step. thank you all again!

hello all....well it is morning and as i thought i am in a near panic about going in today. i really want to cancel but trying to get it clear in my head to do the right thing. if i am + i want to make sure i can ge on treatment and try to avoid getting sick but im really scared to even go in. im taking deep breaths as best i can but im so worried. now im thinking, "what if it is too late and they tell me that"...

thanks all!


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