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Thanks Andy! I am hoping it sets in over the next few days but still a little worried. I have been running from finding out the results for so long I think I have pretty much convinced myself but hopefully that will go away in time. I am not sure if he said 6 months or not, I was pretty shaken so that is the number that comes to mind. Good to hear the 13 weeks though! Nevertheless, this experience has taught me a very valuable lesson about safe sex and being careful - ie, not getting wasted drunk and having sex with any ol stranger on the street (joan crawford voice). It has also motivated me to do something about the fight against HIV/AIDS. I have read alot about the research, treatments etc and really want to find out more and how I can help. 25 years is too long and we can do more. 

I'll check in from time to time on this site to find out more and thanks again for everyones help, it means the world to me!

Andy Velez:
Glad to read that you have found the exchanges helpful.

And yes, even good news can take a while to absorb, especially when you have been in heightened state of anxiety.



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