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Hello - I am hoping someone can give me some advice about going to see the doctor tomorrow for treatment. I am trying to work up the nerve but this is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do.  everytime i think about it i start crying and am making myself a nervous wreck pacing around the house. i know i need to go and the post i see on here are encouraging that treatment is available but im really scared. i have someone in my life now that i think i will lose and even worse im afraid of having this. can someone help me? thank you!!

Until you know you're poz, you're going to see a doctor for a diagnosis, not treatment. You've been tested, may I presume? You know that the person you're worried about losing is HIV-positive?

Joe K:
Hello Newbie,

The first thing you need to do is to try and relax, so just try some slow breathing, because you are worrying about too many things at once, so of course you are confused and scared.  So let's slow down a little.  I'm assuming by your post that you have tested positive.  Is that correct?  And that you are going for your first doctor visit since your diagnosis?

Assuming I have that right, then you need to just slow down and relax because nothing needs to happen tomorrow, other than you reviewing things with your doctor.  But rather than put words in your mouth, can you be a little clearer on what is happening?

We're happy to help and no matter what your fears, I'm pretty sure we can help to guide you with your doctor, we just need to know a little more information ...

thanks! im almost certain im positive but dont really want to go into the long story...i need to go in for a test tomorrow and find out for sure and if so, discuss next steps. im almost certain the result will be + and im so afraid im not sure what to do. ive met a guy that im really crazy about and he relies on me alot..i just dont want to have to come back with bad news and if it is not sure how i would tell him. he is not + as far as i know. i have been avoiding this for a while and the anxiety, stress, etc is really wearing me down. this weekend has been particularly tough and im doing everything i can to keep the stress down, jogging, working out, etc but its almost too much.

im afraid that im going to get to the doctor tomorrow and chicken out and walk away. i keep imagining myself sitting in their waiting on results, etc and its almost overwhelming.

what do you guys think? if the result is + what next?!?! will they run other test immediately,etc. thanks so much!


I moved your thread to the Am I Infected forum because until such time as you have actually tested positive, this forum is where we need you to post.

You don't say what makes you think you need to be tested. You might be worrying over nothing, so please tell us more so that we may be better placed to advise you.



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