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I had a male to male annonymous encounter 6.5 weeks ago similar to a glory hole.. we were seperated by a palstic curtain...
I received oral sex  ( inserted my penis into his mouth) .
I was wondering the chances of getting HIV..
I had my pants on and only my penis was exposed...
I recenlty had swollen glands.. for 3 weeks that have just gone away.. I have had gas in my stoamch..
I can keep food down, I have an appetite. I am not vomiting or nor do I  feel naussious
I have slight itching around the l/s side of my stoamch, usually more noticiale at night.
I have no leisions or vissible maarks around my genitals or thigh area..
I went to the doctor and ruled out strep.. Doctor also said I had geographic tongue but no yeast infection that they could see..
I have no fever..
I have been going to the CDC sight, WEB Md and other varoius medical sights and they aidvse that there is a risk of contracting HIV this folks seem to be on top of things and upfront  so  Iam asking your opinion.
If HIV is ruled out what about other STD such as LVG,heapatitis, herpes, trich, etc..

I had my pants on and only my penis was exposed...

Andy Velez:
First of all you were not in anyway at risk for HIV in this incident. Uncounted blowjobs later there has never been a case of HIV transmission for someone getting blown and you aren't going to make history by becoming the first.

Whatever your symptoms are/were about it wasn't HIV. Period. If they persist you should discuss them with your doctor.

You do need to know there are other STDs out there, some of which can be contracted skin-to-skin. So we always advise anyone who's sexually active to get a full STD panel done regularly -- at least annually and every six months is even better.

You also need to read the lessons on this site about Transmission and Testing. You can find the link to them in the welcome thread which begins this section. Take the time to read them so you get all the basics you need to know about safer sex.

There is absolutely no reason for you to be concerned about this incident in terms of HIV. But your super anxiety and concern signals to me that you do need to become better educated about HIV issues in specific and STDs in general.

This time out happily HIV is not an issue for you.


Thank you for your response..
I just want to get some more clariifaction..
This was my first male to male encounter and I just want to be safe and sure as  Ihave a spuse at home.. and 4 children..
I have read the  lesson "HIV and Transmission and Testing" in the welocome thread.
It was stated there and that  "The reason why sexual activity is a risk for HIV transmission is because it allows for the exchange of body fluids.
It has to enter thru the mucosal tissue, open cuts, sores or breaks in the skin..
It also said that this was a theoretical risk..and because of this the CDC has to report it as a risk..

So by reading this is it possible for HIV to be obtained thru insertive oral sex or is the risk factor so minimal that it is not a concern..

Again I have no sores or cutes around my gential area. . So I am only thinking can HIV be transmitted thru the tip of the penis, as this is a mucosal membrane / tissue..
I do not know the other persons history..

Is this something I need to be concerned with..

I know I may be over thinking and I have a guilty concious..

THis will be my last post on this topic..

Matty the Damned:

I agree with Andy, I can't see a risk for HIV transmission in this case. Saliva contains substances that actually inhibit the virus, meaning that oral sex is not a concern for this.

I also would reiterate Andy's advice to you about regular STD screening. If you're sexually active then twice a year is the go. If it's been a while since your last full STD screen or you've not had one before you might like to make an appointment with your doctor or local clinic.

One last thing, I think you're right when you say this is about your guilty conscience. You feel that you've done something wrong by having sex outside of your relationship and it's not uncommon for people in that situation to believe they're going to be punished. HIV/AIDS is not a punishment from an angry deity for perceived bad behaviours, it's just a disease.

And fortunately, it's not a disease that you have.



Andy Velez:
Guilt is a whole separate issue although it can often cloud one's perceptions.

What I can repeat with assurance is that you did not put yourself at risk for HIV by getting a blowjob. Uncounted billions of blowjobs later, there has never been a documented case of transmission in this manner during the entire epidemic. And you ain't gonna be the first. Really.

You may not be planning to have sex outside your relationship again. But IF you do, just make sure that if you have intercourse, whoever is the insertive partner is always wearing a latex condom.

I'll repeat again there are other STDs out there and they are actually much easier to acquire than HIV. So should you find yourself having any symptoms make sure to check things out with your doctor.

As for the guilt, well torturing yourself with remorse is not a tribute to your finer character nor is it a love bouquet to your wife and family.It's just destructive so take a breath and let it go right now. That's t he most loving thing you can do for all concerned.



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