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Is it possible for transmission through blood on a tissue

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I know it says that u cant really get it this way but wat about the wiping of the cut. should i be worried about that.

No.  Your post was completely read including the wiping of your cut.

That is not how HIV is transmitted, no matter how complicated you try to make it.

No way, no how, no no no.

(who thinks maybe one more NO might help you)....NO

thank you

sorry to bother you ppl again. But wat if the cut i had was bleeding at the time. should i still nto worry about it.  And secondly. Is it possible for u to be transmitted if u got stabbed with a pencil.

Andy Velez:
No, you will not get HIV from being stabbed with a pencil. The tissue wouldn't have made any difference even if you had been bleeding at the time.

Please stop with the what ifs. That's a very slippery slope to get yourself on to.

If you have a situation that actually happens and can give details about it that's the best way to get a reliable response.

And read the lessons here about transmission and also on testing.



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