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HIV from sharing a toothbrush

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I recently moved in with a new roommate whom I know nothing about..By mistake, I used his toothbrush instead of mine almost 1 minute after he used it. I am really scared I at risk...and if n, please explain why not??

Also, I wanna mention that sometimes I use his towel that risky???


et in arcadia ego:
No risk. Read the Lessons link above.

best, mike

Hi mike..

Why is it no risk?

Andy Velez:
OK. You need to read the lesson on this site about HIV transmission. There's a link to it in the first thread in this section.

The only risk in what you are concerned about is that it reveals you haven't got the basics down about HIV transmission. This epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come so that's a lack you cannot afford. Knowing that information and consistently following safer sex guidelines will allow you to protect your health and spare you the kind of unnecessary worry you have been experiencing over these incidents.

HIV is not easy to transmit. The real risks are unprotectec vaginal or anal intercourse. Your roomie's toothbrush and towel do not fall into those risk activities. Really.

Read the lesson, please.


I dont understand why this is not risky, I mean everybody bleeds while brushing their teeth, so my roomie must have had some of his blood on the toothbrush, and I used it directly after him...and I also bled while brushing my this is like blood to blood contact


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