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Hi everybody first of all god bless everybody on this forum. I would like to say im 23yrs old male . I had unprotected sex with this girl i hardly knew on june 25th . unfortunately she gave me a std (gonorrhea) during that time i felt dizzy . tingling in my legs and hands . muscle twitching , swollen lypmh nodes in the groin. not a lot of hunger, a bit nauseated.i would yawn all day , i would wake up so early around 5 am or 6 am and would go to sleep early. i dont know if it was due to my stress and anxiety .anyways  No headache no fever. no flu symtoms. no rash. anyways i got treated for the gonorrea. what is my risk  that i am not hiv positive? the girl got a test today at 3months and came out negative . i took a test on the 77th day but havent taken one since the girl came out negative. she was on june23rd with one of her ex bfs unprotected before me , thats how i got gonorrea the condon ripped thats what she told me when she was with her ex bf . Anyways should i test at 6 months or should i relax, i remember i tested at 7 weeks. and 11 weeks. negative . I also remember around week 10 i got swollen groing lymph nodes and the doctor told me it was follicitus from shaving down there i dont know if she was correct. Anyways should i relax and say i didnt get hiv from her 3 month test? or should i retest at 6 months ? i just want to relax and have some peace of mind. Also what are the chances ill be negative at 6 months? and what have the studies shown people that have gotten gonorrhea and been treated , tested at 3 months and came out negative and still came out negative at 6 months? well thank you all and god bless you .

You got yourself a case of gonorrhea? That's cureable.. You can not get HIV from the girl if she has tested negative. You don't get HIV from immaculate conception. All your symptoms you have claimed to have had, are not even symptoms of gonorrhea or specific to HIV. You should be checked out by your doctor if they persist. If you are sexually active you should be tested at least once a year for STDs and HIV. Please take the time to read the "Welcome" thread at the top of the page and follow the links. Go to any of Ann's posts for the link that explains the correct use of a condom.

Hey thanks a lot for replying anyways i feel fine now no symptoms no nothing im good i dont feel like that anymore i just felt like that 2 weeks after the gonorrhea but yeah i have felt good and i dont have no symptoms so should i say im safe for hiv if the girl came out neg at 3 months? even though i got an std ? which was gonorrhea?

The answer is yes..

sweeeeetttttttttttttttt for reals even though she tested 2 days short of 3 months? can i leave my fear behind once and for all


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