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Antagonism in VIH literature.

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Andy Velez:
As stated in the opening thread of this section, we have a rule that members are supposed to keep all their entries in the same thread. You've actually been told that before so now I am going to warn you that if you start another thread you are going to get a Time Out.

With regard to your latest concern, HIV is a fragile virus. The kind of incident you have described is not unusual. There's never been a confirmed case of transmission in that manner. It's safe to say you are not going to make history by becoming the first.

Let it go and get on with your life. 

Jeff G:
Gilgamesh , you have been warned repeatedly not to start other threads and you did it again anyway . I removed your post from the Spanish forum and I'm going to issue you a time out that Andy warned you about . Its clear you are posting in other areas simply to get around the rules , if you come back and do it again you will be banned .


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