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Hello everybody from Spain,

First of all, I want to really thank the team of this website for providing a space of communication among people interested in the same kind of subjects and that was so necessary. For all your efforts, thank you so much, indeed.

And now, I am going to tell you my experience so as later on ask you a question.

Two months ago (57 days to be more precise), I had a sexual relationship with a complete unknown boy which consisted basically of oral sex, my playing the passive role (without ejaculation), and of penetration by using protection (in this case, my being the active subjetc) that, unfortunately, was broken in the final part of the coitus.

I have been worried about that since then, and I have tested on two occasions after that:

a) The first time, it was after 21 days to the exposure, using the antibody proof only and obtaining Negative Result.

b) The second time, it was actually this week, after 57 days to the exposure, being the antibody combined with the antygen 24 used. Result: Negative.

I have read on uncountless occasions by Andy that oral sex does not mean assuming real risk, given the fact that the mouth contains more than twelve elements which positive and efficently contribute to destroy possible virus charge.

In relation to the other aspect, I have to confess that I am a little bit more worried about.

Reading matters related to the reliability of the proofs, there is practically no agreement among scientists, except for the conclusive result after 12 weeks.

In this sense, my question is the following: Is it likely that after my second analysis (after 57 days) a negative result should change into a positive one? In hypothetical case of infection, should the antibodies already be detected? Which is the general term you have to wait for these to be detected under normal conditions and by using conventional proofs?

I hope your answer impatiently.

Thank you very much.

Andy Velez:
Gilgamesh, I've transferred your thread here to English language since that is the language you used for your question. In the future please follow our rule and keep any entries you make in this same thread. Thanks for your cooperation.

Now as to your concerns. Regarding the risk in relation to  oral sex, longterm studies have been conducted of serodiscordant couples, both gay and straight. There was lots of mutual unprotected oral sex and only protected vaginal and anal intercourse. To date not one sero-negative partner has become infected.

As for the risk during an episode in which a condom breaks, that does happen from time to time. In your case it was a single incident during which you were the insertive partner. The condom protected you until it broke. And the risk for the insertive partner is significantly lower than for the receptive one.

Of course low risk is not the same as no risk so testing is always a good idea when this happens. The average time to seroconversion is 22 days. All but the smallest number of those who are going to seroconvert will do so within 4-6 weeks after a risk. So your negative at 57 days is significant and very encouraging. With that negative result in hand I expect you to continue to test negative for a conclusive result at 3 months.

For the future make sure you are using fresh condoms which fit you properly.

I expect you to come out of this ok.


Thank you very much for your quick answer and receive my apologies for my mistake posting on a not proper place.

I will take your observations as very positive, since you may undoubtedly have a lot of knowledge and experience in this subjetc, and I will not continue to be worried about this issue.

Anyhow I will test in a month time just to definitely determine my serological condition, fully expecting that will be again negative.

Since then, good luck to all participants!

Andy Velez:
And I do expect you to test negative.

Good luck with that.

Hello all users:

I want to tell an experience that occurred to me. One day while I was practising sex, accidentally part of the semen of my partner came to enter into my eye. I would like to know the level of risk of vih infection because of that.
Thank you!

Has anyone of you had similar experiences? Must I worry about it?


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