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Chris Companik (HIV + Me)


From a link posted on The Body

Chris Companik, an Atlanta illustrator and comic book artist who documented his fight with HIV and AIDS, has died.

It's been several years since he last posted in the forums here... but couldn't help but remember him; he came across as simultaneously smart, talented and kind.

Rest in peace

Sad to hear of Chris's passing. He was a member here - HIV+Me - and those of you who are interested or don't remember him can read his posting history.

He was a talented artist who managed to get serious ideas across with humour and a positive outlook. He will be sadly missed.

RIP Chris. I hope you're in a better place now.


I did not know about Chris's death until reading this thread.   I always enjoyed his cartoons, and thought he was a very clever guy.

RIP Chris  :'(


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