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1 week positive

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Andy Velez:
If I may suggest, get into the habit of keeping a pad and pen handy with you in general. That way when a thought or question occurs to you, you can jot it down rather depending on your memory when get into see your doc.

Have a good visit and keep us posted.



Reading about your upbeat attitude gives me the inspiration to not let this get me down!  Whenever I go for my runs, I keep reminding myself that I have to beat this by going the distance and I complete my run!

I happy for you that you have a friend who is supportive. That's fantastic! I have not told anyone yet and I do hope I will be as fortunate as you if and when I do tell.

Your thoughts and feelings are exactly what I have too. There are times when I tend to backslide but I tell myself I still have so much more to live for!  But for now the concern is to take care of ourselves first.

I hope your lab results turn out to be of good news. I will be going for mine soon....

Keep up your upbeat attitude and maybe we can share our stories along the way.

Cheers and take care!


I like your vibes, you have a very positive attitude and that's wonderful. Being diagnosed HIV + is not an easy thing to deal with but one day at a time makes it better. You mention that you have a support and that's good.

As Andy said, any questions that comes to your head jot them down and when you go to your doctor ask questions, be active in your medical care and always remember that you come first.

One Day A A Time my friend we are all in this together.


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