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Last report on the Egrifta. Stopped using it. No reason to have loads of money spent on something that doesn't seem to be helping me lose the "extra" around my internal organs.

Had no ill effects from the use of it. So at least in that sense it wasn't a major hassle to try it. Still have my little six-pack volley ball. Which looks slightly larger than it had when I started since I STILL haven't gained back the 17 lbs I lost during that unfortunate several hour outpatient procedure turned into extended inpatient ICU Life Support/hospital stay back in June.

Anyway, that's it for me. Hope this has been of some help in terms of ongoing information on Egrifta use.

Sorry it didn't work for you.

At least you were able to give it a shot, so to speak.



Speaking of...'s the back, etc.? Will you be showing pics of the new you soon?

Thanks for the thoughts. Not the end of the world.

Lots of good stuff here to comment on...

First off, re: shots etc...I often say to people that I have evolved into a "professional patient".  All of us LTS have don't you think?  I don't flinch at shots any longer.  I was on Fuseon for a couple of years, and that was horrible...not really because of fear of giving myself a shot, but the site reactions were just ridiculous.  Pin cushion indeed!!  Thank God for Isentress and Intelence.  I had Hodgkin's a few years ago which required chemo / radiation and hundreds of needle sticks.  I got to the point where I would reassure the tech when they would miss a vein.  They always get nervous when that happens and I learned early on to just smile and tell them that they are doing a great job.  Works out better for everyone that way. :)

I have wanted to do Egrifta...but my Dr. won't prescribe it until I get back to SF for good.  I have been traveling for a couple of years.  he says that he needs to watch me closely once I start.

Hey LONGTIMESURVIVOR.  Are you taking or recently stopped taking any sleep meds like Ativan, Xanax or Ambien?  If so, especially if you stopped them suddenly, you could be experiencing withdraw symptoms which would account for the "fainting".  Benzodiazepine withdraw can be a very serious matter, life threatening in fact.  Lightheadedness is a common side effect especially if you sit up too fast or stop the blood to your abdomen, like when doing certain stretches and then release them. 

My Dr. had me hooked on Halcion for many years and then when I switched from a boosted PI regimen to Isentress / Intelence / Truvada, I went into Acute withdraw as Norvir enhances any benzo or non-benzo sleeping aid as much as 2000%.  Yep, I said two thousand.  The most frightening experience of my life with symptoms that are indescribable.  I had to restart the Norvir and then taper off the Halcion, but many of the symptoms remain and can remain for months or years.

If interested, google Benzo withdraw syndrome and read the Wikipedia link.


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