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I know this has been covered many times here but i was just wanting to put it out there...I was wanting to know how confident i should be in a neg test result at roughly 39 days....I was involved with a young lady for about 3 months and had unprotected sex with her.....I have been displaying symptoms for about a month now and took a test--hiv at 39 days and hep B/C tests all came back neg.....The doctor reviewed the blood work and stated that he saw no indicators of infection in any of the blood work...What indicators would he be looking for besides the HIV results and again is 39 days any kind of solid indicator......39 days is going from when my symptoms started so I am assuming a few more days could be added to 39 since the symptoms probably would not develop for a week or so........I have been a very worried and have actually found some comfort from this site..........You all are very amazing and very helpful.......I know symptoms is no way to diagnose yourself but I have had all of them in the most extreme case....

Not at all. Test at 13 weeks.

This week would be week 9.....Could I have any confidence in a test on the 9th week....Thank you for your reply.....

et in arcadia ego:

A test at this point would be an excellent indicator that you did not contract the virus. However, you should test at 13 weeks to be absolutely certain.

It is very difficult to transmit the virus female-to-male, so that fact, and given that it is unlikely your partner was infected to begin with, means you likely are fine, despite anything you may be interpreting as symptoms.


Thank you very much for your reply.....It is very appriciated.....Another question? Is Oral Thrush very common in early stages of HIV?


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